Under 16 year olds

Kids go free!
  • Doesn't get much cheaper
  • Activities included (e.g. gold panning, quiz, etc...)
  • Give kids a rock and you'll lighten up their day. Introduce them to Earth sciences, and they'll rock their lifetime !


Door payment only
$ 3
  • Full weekend access
    (Fri 12:30PM to Sun 4:30PM)
  • Free parking on Saturday and Sunday


Full ticket price
$ 5
  • Access for the whole weekend (Fri 12:30PM to Sun 4:30PM)
  • Online payment available (skip the queue)
  • Door payment also available
  • Free parking on Saturday and Sunday
  • Support the show with your contribution

Did you know ? By buying a ticket online, you help the organisers by efficiently forecasting the attendance, and significantly reducing the waiting queue at the door entrance.

Simultaneously, by buying your ticket onsite and paying cash (get your change ready !), you help concurrently the organisers by limiting the fees captured by the online ticket-selling plateforms.

Overall, the team will be delighted of your attendance regardless of how your purchase your ticket, and even more so if you bring in some friends. Share the word !


Can’t afford tickets for the the whole family ?

Ask your favorite vendors for some special coupon codes before ordering on eventbrite. They have a specially minted set of free giveaway tickets for their special customers.

And you might be the lucky one 😉 Go on social media to check them out, i.e. Facebook, Instagram or even Linkedin will do !