Terms and Conditions (T&C's)

Registration must be signed by a person qualified to bear the liability of the exhibiting company, it must be written on official form provided by the Organizer of the Perth Gem and Mineral Show. The receipt of the request by the Organizer implies that the company willing to exhibit is aware of these regulations and accepts them unreservedly, as well as those established in addition by the Organizer and public law restrictions applying to events held in Western Australia, and all new provisions that may be imposed by the circumstances and the Organizer who reserves the right to notify the exhibitors of these, even verbally in the interest of the event. The applications must be accompanied by a first payment. This includes, on one hand application fees, and on the other hand the participation costs under conditions laid down by the Organizers. All admission requests will be considered as invalid despite their acceptance and even after the allocation operations, which are submitted by exhibitors whose business is for any reason or whatsoever managed or assisted by an agent appointed by the Court
The sending by the Organizer of an application form does not constitute an offer on its part to participate. The Organizer shall receive the applications and decide upon the admissions without obligation to justify his decision. The rejection of an application by the Organizer shall not give rise to any compensation for damages and interest: The sums that have been paid for the participation shall, in such an eventuality, be purely and simply returned. Admission shall be signified by official notification from the Organizer. It then becomes final and irrevocable for the applicant. (T&C’s 1)

The Organizer establishes the layout of the Exhibition and allocates sites at his free will. Unless otherwise stipulated the registration does not give any right to a specific stand. Concerning the allocation of stands and spaces, the Organizer takes into account, as much as possible, the wishes expressed by the exhibitor, the nature of the products and/or services which he is presenting, and the layout of the stand he proposes to install In the interest of the event the Organizer may modify the size and layout of the area every time he considers it as relevant. This layout gives the characteristics of the stand and the spaces as precisely as possible The Organizer is not liable for any difference between the characteristics given on the layout and the actual measurements of the stand, neither for modifications that could occur on the surroundings of the stands (modification of the neighbor stands, reconfiguration of the show floor…) as the registrations are recorded. (T&C’s 2)

The total amount for participation is to be paid after official notification of admission. The balance must be paid before August 31st. A fixed allowance of $40 (without taxes) is owed in case of delay in payment. Services and additional costs must be paid upon receipt of the invoice from the Organizer. For orders placed after August 31st, full payment will be required on the day of the signing of the contract (Purchase Order) . Failure to abide by this regulation, or to any additional regulations issued by the Organizer, as well as to public law restrictions applying to the event, especially safety regulations, even without prior warning may result in the application of the penalties provided for in the event’s special regulations. The Exhibitor must comply with regulations applying to exhibitions, whether from legislative bodies, public authorities, or from the Organizer of the Perth Gem and Mineral Show including those relating to security and accident prevention. The Organizer is not responsible for the consequences of the interpretation discrepancies between official texts and decisions of the Safety Commission which has the exclusive right of delivering an opinion concerning the specific context of the event organization. It is up to the Exhibitor to undertake all useful steps in particular with the Safety Manager to obtain all the necessary information and authorizations. (T&C’s 3)

The Organizer schedules the dates and locations of the event. In the case of force majeure he may modify them. The Organizer establishes the layout of the exhibition and allocates the sites taking into account as far as possible, the wishes expressed by the Exhibitors, the nature of the products and the layout of the stand they propose to install. The Organizer whenever he deems necessary may modify the size and layout of the area requested by the exhibitor. Participation in previous exhibitions shall not confer any right to a particular location nor confer any priority in the allocations. Guarding and surveillance of the stands are carried out under the control of the Organizer after opening hours of the exhibition. The Organizer is not liable for any damage (including disturbance, commercial disorder) that could be suffered by the Exhibitors for any reason whatsoever, and in particular for delays in the opening, premature termination, closing or destruction of stands, fire and any other case of disaster, etc. If it becomes impossible to use the needed premises because of fire, war, public disaster, a case of force majeure, and if nothing can be done for the event, the Organizer can at any time cancel the applications for admission by informing the Exhibitors in writing. The sums remaining available after payment of all the expenses incurred will be divided between the Exhibitors pro rata to the sums paid by each of them and, by express agreement, no appeal shall be made against the Organizer on any grounds whatsoever. (T&C’s 4)

The Organizer reserves the exclusive right to publish and sell or distribute the catalogue of exhibitors. He may subcontract all or part of this right together with the advertising which appears in the catalogue. The information necessary for the writing of the catalogue is furnished by the Exhibitors who are responsible for all information they supply for entry in the catalogue within the time limit set by the Organizer. Failure to comply will result in the participants not being included The Exhibitor expressly renounces all right of appeal, against the Organizer as well as the distributors or producers for the necessary coverage in the interest of the event by TV, video or any other support (books, pamphlets) of his image, the image of his stand, his brand, his label, his staff, products or services and he guarantees the Organizer against any claim from his agents, subcontractors, contractual partners by an advance requirement for acceptance of this obligation. The Organizer reserves the exclusive right to display posters in the venue housing the event. Exhibitors may only use, within their stands, posters and signs of their own company, to the exclusion of all others and subject to the rules governing general decoration. The Exhibitors only present products, services or equipment, compliant with French and European regulations, unless, if the case arises, that are clearly indicated, by means of a sign, their non compliance. They will assume full responsibility with regard to third parties. The Organizer’s responsibility cannot (in any way) assume liability for them. It will be up to each exhibitor to carry out, whenever necessary, the formalities entailed by its participation in the event, particularly in the light of labour regulations, customs requirements with respect to equipment or products coming from abroad, with hygiene with respect to food products or animal species. The Organizer may not be held liable at any time for difficulties that may arise in this connection. (T&C’s 5)

After the admission has been granted, the exhibitor must pay the full rental fee to the event to the Organizer, even if he withdraws his application or fails to exhibit. Any sums paid and/or due in whole or in part towards the hire of the stand, shall be retained by the Organizer, even if the stand is allocated to another Exhibitor. A participant who has terminated his contract retains the right to prove that his participation fees are too high. The Organizer can revoke the admission and attribute the reserved space to another Exhibitor if:

 • The exhibitor has not visibly occupied the booth on Friday of the demonstration at 10 am

• The rent has not been paid within the time limits set out or during the additional period granted by the Organizer

• The necessary conditions for the allocation of the stand area are not anymore fulfilled by the registered Exhibitor or if afterwards the Organizer happens to be informed of reasons that could lead to the refusal of admission if they had been known before.

• The internal regulations established by the Organizer have not been fulfilled. In these cases, the Organizer can claim his rights to compensation and damages. (T&C’s 6)

The present regulation is general, it is completed by the specific regulation and the regulation of a technical exhibition dedicated to each event. The regulations must be clearly displayed in the event premises.( Exhibitors, by signing their application form for and in accordance with ADMISSION accept the applicable regulations of the event as well as any further provisions that may be imposed by the circumstances and adopted in the interest of the Event by the Organizer, which reserves the right to draw their attention to such, even verbally. Any infringement of the provisions of this Regulation and of the specific regulation enacted by the Organizer may lead to the exclusion of the offending exhibitor, at the sole discretion of the Organizer, even without formal notice. In particular, with regard to the lack of insurance, failure to observe safety rules, the non occupancy of the stand, the presentation of non-complying products to those listed in the application, etc., an indemnity is then due from the exhibitor as damages and as reparation for moral or material harm suffered by the exhibition. This indemnity is at least equal to the sum still due by the exhibitor to the Organizer, without prejudice to any additional damages, which may be demanded. The Organizer requires, in this respect, the right to retain exhibited products and furniture or articles of display belonging to the exhibitor. In the event of a dispute the Courts of Perth are the sole jurisdiction. (T&C’s 7)

The Exhibitor is required to keep his material exclusively on the surface area allocated and marked to him. • All goods out of the allocated and marked surface area have to be approved by the Security and the Organization. If applicable, fees for extra sales area will be charged and payable immediately to maintain these goods on this out-of-stand area. • Without the agreement of the Security and/or the Organization, the exhibitor will have to remove immediately these goods under penalty of sanctions. • It is strictly forbidden to store goods out of the allocated and marked surface area by the Organization. In case of disrespect of this rule, the Organization will proceed to the necessary measures to remove itself these goods. Placing advertising banners or other elements at the point of sale and the distribution of flyers and advertising items outside the stands is prohibited Upon the opening of the exhibition, for obvious safety reasons, the Exhibitor should pay particular attention to any stored equipment, even momentarily, in the aisles that should remain walk and clearance lanes. The materials in violation may be, as a last resort, removed from the exhibition site by staff required by the Organizer, at the Exhibitor’s expense. The Organizer shall not be liable for any loss or damage, destruction or thefts resulting from this removal. The Exhibitor will not be able in any case to claim compensation of any kind. During dismantling, the Exhibitor must evacuate on his own and at his expenses all waste and materials used for the fitting out of the stand and documentation leftovers. Supplementary cost for the processing of abandoned waste, might be charged to the Exhibitor on the basis of $150 / m3 with a minimum charge of 1 m3 (one cubic meter). (T&C’s 8)

The layout of the stand shall be designed to avoid any deterioration to the structures and facilities of the Perth Gem & Mineral Show. It is forbidden to drill, glue, screw, staple, nail, and more broadly, fix or suspend elements of the stand by any means whatsoever on walls, floors, ceilings, windows and space equipment of the Exhibition. All suspended elements are prohibited completely: including all signs attached to the electrical distribution shaft, the sprinkler system, ventilation and smoke extraction ducts, and, generally, on any device or existing duct. The infringers must bear the costs of restoration of noted damages. (T&C’s 9)

The use of lighting systems, flashing, stroboscopic, with laser effect or smoke generating is prohibited. Audio-visual devices set up on the stands should not exceed inside the stand a noise level of 80 dB. (T&C’s 10)

Every exhibitor shall respect other Exhibitors sharing space around them and not harm them in any way whatsoever. In case of dispute from the entry into the premises and until final dismantling, the Organizer may take any decision needed to ensure the smooth running of the event. Every exhibitor is responsible for the closure of his stand with the provided means. (T&C’s 11)

The Exhibitor shall ensure the full and entire responsibility of presentations and demonstrations to be conducted on his stand and shall take all measures to keep the admitted public safe. All demonstrations and / or presentations should in no way affect the smooth running of the event nor create disruptions of any kind whatsoever. (T&C’s 12)

The Exhibitor shall comply with all legal regulations regarding Exhibitions, Fairs and Trade shows, in particular those related to fire safety. Furthermore the Exhibitor must strictly comply with the provisions of the Technical Regulations of the Perth Gem and Mineral Show and with the specific rules of the event. Control for the implementation of the provisions of this Article is carried out by responsible authorities. They are entitled to their interpretation and correct implementation. In the event of serious infringements, they may order any corrective action up to the removal of structures and materials and the Exhibitor will not be able to claim any indemnity. Exhibitor’s obligations, in particular the settlement of rental, will remain. It is the obligation of the Exhibitor, in particular, to ensure free access at all times to the exit doors, emergency exits, and smoke evacuation systems. It is forbidden to place on top of the stands and on ducts any elements that may reduce the effectiveness of the sprinkler system, when available. It is forbidden to store flammable and / or dangerous (explosive, toxic) substances in the exhibition space, storeroom of stands or in the clearance zones, or wherever in the premises of the Perth Gem and Mineral Show Layouts of stands must comply with the law. All materials constituting the stands, including the materials used on the peripheral walls of the exhibition halls, should be certified as flame resistant. Certificates shall be given to the Safety Officer and kept at the disposal of the Safety Commission. The facilities must be completed upon acceptance inspection by the Safety Commission. The Exhibitor is responsible for taking all necessary measures so that the commission could examine them in detail. The Exhibitor or his qualified representative must be present. Any information and certification concerning facilities and materials constituting the stand must be at the disposal of the members of the Commission, except for those subject to a recognized trademark . (T&C’s 13)

The Exhibitor shall at his own expense obtain insurance covering the exhibits particularly against theft and all risks associated with the exhibition. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure his coverage and to take the necessary steps to protect himself against the risks, including: • His civil liability and his service providers’ from arrival on the site for the assembly until departure after complete removal of goods and merchandise and dismantling ; • Theft, deterioration or destruction of materials and goods of the Exhibitor or his service providers including the financial consequences that could result. • Deterioration of materials, equipment or premises of the Perth Gem and Mineral Show. In order to ease the process, the Perth Gem and Mineral Show has partnered with an insurance provider. Insurance is available for stallholders across the duration of the WE. Ask us for more information. The Organizer of the Perth Gem and Mineral Show is not liable for damages that the Exhibitors and their providers might cause to third parties. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to maintain insurance guaranteeing such damages. Exhibitors may purchase this insurance directly from their own insurer. This insurance is intended to cover the financial consequences of the responsibility that may lie with the Exhibitor due to the damages caused to other parties during his participation at the exhibition within the dates authorized by the Organizer. This insurance can only be implemented alternatively, namely in the event that the Exhibitor does not hold an insurance policy covering civil liability, or when the coverage of his insurance would be inadequate for the particular incident. When the liability of a third party is involved, the Exhibitor must retain all his rights and remedies against the third party and preserve the Insurer’s remedy. It is the Exhibitor responsibility to obtain information and to undertake all necessary steps from the Organizer. The Organizer of the Perth Gem and Mineral Show is not liable for damage caused to the equipment of stands, goods and merchandises of the Exhibitor or his service providers, of goods belonging to staff working for him, whether during the event or during assembly and dismantling time or during storage time, before or after the exhibition. (T&C’s 14)

The Organizer of the INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION MINERAL & GEM decided to act responsibly and sorts recyclables. The Exhibitor will watch to meet our commitments in folding cardboard boxes and sorting waste, separating paper, glass, and building materials from other household waste. Trash bags are given to the Exhibitor and on request on the Organization. (T&C’s 15)

Decorative elements or free-hanging decor panels (advertising panels with a surface area greater than 0.5m², garlands, light decorative items, etc.) must be composed of M0 or M1 class materials. The use of the following signs and advertising is strictly prohibited: • If they contain white letters on a green background. These colours are exclusively reserved for indicating exits and emergency exits; • If they contain white letters on a red background. These colours are exclusively reserved for indicating protection and firefighting equipment. (T&C’s 16)

The electrical facilities for each stand must be integrally protected against surges and ground faults. All metal grounds must be interconnected and connected to the stand’s electrical switch board ground. Electrical connections must be made inside connection housings. Electricity cut-off systems must be continuously accessible to stand staff. All the electrical equipment should comply with Australian standards. he use of conductors with a cross-section less than 1.5 mm² is prohibited. Only fixed-based multi-sockets or adapters are allowed (moulded multi-sockets). Electric device must be tested and tagged. (T&C’s 17)

The main Organizer’s objectives of the PERTH GEM AND MINERAL SHOW are : 1 / To facilitate exchanges and trading of mineral kingdom specimens and related fields between stone hunters, traders and collectors. To stimulate the interest of the public, the curious, the scientist and the hobbyists to minerals, gems and fossils as well as to earth sciences in general. To sensitize traders, collectors and the public to the need of natural environment preservation and to the protection of natural heritage and archaeological interests through moderate and concerted extractions of mineral resources 2 / The Organizer does not participate in exchanges or sales, his role is limited to organizing the event and to providing Exhibitors with a space for exchanges or sales. 3 / This event is open to professionals and amateurs of minerals, gems, fossils and related sectors, which are accepted without discrimination. However the Organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to certain exhibitors or visitors without providing explanations 4 / Sending the application form implies full acceptance of regulations including the general regulations of trade fairs. Exhibitors accept the rules of the Organizer, which prevail in case of dispute. Registration: Only applications for registration duly completed, signed and accompanied with payment of the corresponding registration and commitment fee, will be considered. the obligation for the candidate to the exhibition, to abandon definitely the said sum to the Organizer and to the Organizer, to return the money to the candidate. However, this possibility may only be exercised by each party, at the latest 90 days before the beginning of the event. After that deadline, registration shall be deemed final and the amount paid as down payment deducted in full from the registration fee. In case of failure of the Organizer, the down payment will be refunded without additional charge. The balance will be made for August 31, following the appeal attached to the confirmation. Any failure of the exhibitor in the total payment of its stand which he occupied all the same during the show will lead to dunning notices from the Organization. Without answer or cooperation of the exhibitor regarding his unpaid invoices, the Organization will be capable of sending notices for payment by e-mail or by registered letter, then a formal demand which according to the legal measures can bring to more ample legal proceedings. 5 / The number of Exhibitors is limited by the available space. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse admission and distribution, according to its own criteria (record date, seniority, presentation, specialty, etc…). 6 / Badges will be issued to exhibitors according to their request and to the quota imposed upon the Organization. These badges are strictly reserved for company employees and/or persons working in the exhibit booth. Any person from outside the exhibiting companies wearing a badge will be considered as an identity theft and may be promptly evicted from the exposition. Concerning the number of badges, please refer to the current quota. 7 / Any sale of goods is strictly prohibited in the parking lots or in the immediate vicinity of the Perth Gem and Mineral Show 8 / Any exhibitor not having occupied the stand allocated to him on Friday 10 am will be considered as having resigned. If a justification for the delay has not been sent with sufficient anticipation his space may be disposed by the Organizer without the resigning Exhibitor being able to claim any form of compensation or refund even if the stand is allocated to another Exhibitor. 9 / The fitting out of individual stands will be carried out by the Exhibitors on their own responsibility only with permission of the Organizer and after payment of the balance of the rent. All electrical equipment must conform to Australian standards. The use of electrical or gas appliances such as coffee makers, electric cookers, grills, fridges as well as any device not significant for the overall appearance of the stand is prohibited. The installation by the exhibitor of protection material like large tents for the public or homemade tents etc. is prohibited. However, an exhibitor may submit to the Organizer and the Security Service his project that will be studied, according to his stands location. Individual stand tents: To avoid any injury in case of rainstorm, storm or wind blast, the Exhibitors must ensure the immediate closure of all tent panels. In addition, to prevent the flaps of the tent from falling back on your goods causing damage, it is required a free space of 30cm all around the entire inner circumference. 10 / During the exhibition opening hours, it is forbidden to cover or close exhibit spaces. The Organizer reserves the right to withdraw spaces protection without bearing any responsibility for effects or consequences that may result. Out of respect for the Sunday afternoon audience, it is prohibited under penalty to leave or close a booth before 4 PM. 11 / Subletting or sharing exhibit space to a non-officially registered person is strictly prohibited. Nevertheless, several Exhibitors may be granted joint authorization to make a group presentation, providing each of them should submit a prior request for the approval to the Organizer and sign an application for joint-participation. If an Exhibitor vacates his space earlier than scheduled, he shall inform the Organizer. The Exhibitor is not allowed to transfer an exhibit space, to anyone in whole or in part, and will be immediately evicted under such circumstances. An exhibitor who is unregistered, refused by the organization or who has withdrawn cannot occupy the place of an exhibitor confirmed by the Organization without having informed beforehand the Organization about it. The re-registration of the aforementioned exhibitor for the following session of Mineral and Gem for the same location will not be validated, even if the exhibitor pays a deposit to the Organization. In case of a refusal of the Organization, beforehand notified to the participant further to inappropriate behavior which thereby prevent the continuation of the contractual relations, the exhibitor will have to send his bank details to be refunded the aforementioned deposit. In the absence of this document, the deposit will be considered by the Organization as a donation and can show no future contesting or refund. 12 / Exhibitors must create an appealing appearance to their stand, show in all occasion, courtesy and good education. Lack of rigor in professional or business activity having a negative influence on the event shall be cause for eviction Any aggressive or unpleasant behavior of the exhibitor to some staff working regularly or punctually for the Mineral & Gem International Show can bring to a revision of his registration for the following session. Exhibitors should also note that repaired, glued, cut, or treated pieces by any means (irradiation, temperature, etc…), as well as artificially obtained crystals must be marked as such. When requested by the buyer, gems and stones must be sold with a certificate of authenticity issued by the seller. EXCEPTIONS The sale of archaeological items, fossils ,minerals, crystals, concretions, bones or footprints from caves or natural shelters of prehistoric interest, from protected or archaeological sites is strictly prohibited . Sale of ivory in all its forms and any animal or plant products from protected species is prohibited . Price in $AUD, name and origin of the displayed items must always be visible. Notices such as ON SALE, DISCOUNTS, PROMOTIONS, etc. are prohibited during general public days. Since the Organizer has neither the means nor the expertise to control the products offered for sale or exchange, it disclaims any responsibility for fraudulent or illicit actions committed in the context of the event Please consider the following definitions by law : « Shall be supplemented by the term” treated “or by the indication of the treatment (…) the denomination of gemstones, organic materials, cultured and genuine pearls which have undergone, as the case may be, treatment by irradiation, by laser, by coloring, by surface scattering, filling, or optionally showing residue of a heat treatment, of colorless foreign material solidified in the outer cavities which exhibit reflection failures visible with a 10 x magnifying glass, or by any other laboratory method that changes their appearance, color or purity » “The following qualifiers respectively supplement the names of the substances and products mentioned below : – “reconstituted” for stones obtained by partial melting, agglomeration or sintering of natural materials to form a coherent whole; – “composite” for stones that are crystalline or amorphous bodies composed of two or more parts assembled not by nature but by gluing or by any other process. Their components are either natural or synthetic stones, or chemical products. – “synthetic” for stones which are crystallized or recrystallized products of which the manufacture has been wholly or partially caused by man or obtained by any process, whatever its nature, and whose physical and chemical properties and the crystalline structure correspond essentially to the natural stones they copy; – “artificial” for crystallized products with no known natural equivalent; – “imitation” for artificial products that mimic the effect, colour and appearance of natural stones or organic materials, or other artificial products, without having their chemical or physical properties nor crystalline structure. The use of the terms “raised”, “cultivated”, “cultured”, “true “, “valuable”, “fine/genuine “, “authentic”, “natural” is prohibited to designate the products listed in this section. ” The expression (cultured pearl) describes pearls that are built inside of living molluscs and artificially caused through human intervention by whatever means” ” The expression (imitation pearls) describes pearls wholly or partly man-made, where appearance, colour and effect copy natural or cultured pearls, but without having their physical or chemical properties or their crystalline structure, although natural materials are used for cultured pearls treated by any kind of coating process on their surface, including a plastic lacquer. (T&C’s 18)